1. Each race sets it’s own rules. Some races will be individual, others will be team races.
  2. Riders can compete in as many series events as they like.
  3. The results from each series event will earn riders a ‘series score’ based on their finish in the event. If a rider places first in an event, they will receive a series score of 100, for all other finishes the rider will be awarded a score between 20 and 100 that is equal to the percentile of their placing or 20 (whichever is greater). (Your percentile is equal to the percent of the racers that you beat.) This system is designed with fairness in mind. For example, placing 10th in a field of 100 should be awarded more than placing 10th in a field of 20; under this system placing 10th out of 100 puts you in the 90th percentile earning you 90 points, while placing 10th out 20 only places you in the 50th percentile and awards you only 50 points.When calculating percentile scores from a team race each team will count as two people, e.g. if your two-man team finishes of 3th out of 12 teams, you have beaten 18 of the 24 racers, which puts you in the 75th percentile, and earns you and your partner 75 points each.
  4. For BoaterX events where full ordered results do not exist, or other special cases, the series organizers will make an assumption of a fair score for the finalists and racers with the percentile system described above in mind.
  5. Each rider’s best four series scores will be summed to give them their overall series score. If you compete in four or less series events, all of your scores will be summed to produce your overall score. If you compete in more than four events, the highest four series scores will be summed to produce your overall score.
  6. After the conclusion of the final series event, the overall series champion will be crowned, and any existing prizes will be awarded.
  7. In there is a tie in the top three of the final results, these tiebreaker rules will be used: (1) If the tied riders top four finishes include any shared events, the rider with the better combined score in those events wins the tiebreak, (2) If a tie still exists, the rider with more first place finishes wins the tie breaker, (3) If a tie still exists, the rider with the most top three finishes wins the tiebreak, (4) If a tie still exists, the field sizes of each rider’s top four finishes will be summed, and the rider with the larger sum wins the tiebreak, (5) If a tie still exists, joint winners will be declared, and any cash purse will be divided equally between the racers; if applicable, non-cash prizes will be divided between the tied racers with the discretion of the series organizers.
  8. The series organizers reserve the right to append or alter this list. The organizers also reserve the final judgement on any decisions regarding the results and event schedule. All decisions will be made with an attempt to take fairness and objectivity into consideration. Any outside suggestions, comments, or critiques are welcome, and will be considered.